Ashley’s First Look

Ashley Tisdale, the former High School Musical star will be seen riding a bike in her TV soap Sons of Anarchy. Ashley makes a return to TV with this venture and will be seen in atleast two of the new episode which will begin on 11th September this year. She might also make a return in the later episodes.

Ashley was not seen in any live action since the TV series Helicat ended. In this show Ashley appears as an escort who somehow gets involved with Jax. The photo that has been released shows her first look in this show but her role is not yet clear.

The photo shows that Ashley is desperate to come back to acting again. Thus, she is choosing mature roles now to get back in the eyes of her fans. The producers of the new show are however in doubts whether the new look will be accepted by the audience and are waiting for the TV ratings. The producers also fear how strong her fan base is and are speculating whether anybody will watch the show at all atleast for Ashley’s sake.

Ashley however, is ready to make a difference to her image and is choosing more serious roles. She has signed up for Scary Movie 5. She is also neck-deep in her new production house project and is quite busy.