Ashley Tisdale starts shooting

Ashley Tisdale has started the shooting for film Scary Movie 5. Before going to the set, the twenty seven year old actress relished a sip of Hubert’s Lemonade. She tweeted: “First day of shooting!! Up early and ready to go! Got my coffee, got Maui, and a whole lotta love from all of you! #letsdothis #scarymovie5,”

In other tweets she wrote: “First time as an actress/character where I’m wearing a wedding band and ring. I’m married in this movie! #crazy #imabigkidnow #scarymovie5.”

“First day was great! Hit the gym and now off to set :) #ilovethisjob #makingamovie.”

While shooting, she took on to Twitter to update her followers. She praised Molly Shannon. She added that it is hard to keep a straight face while in a scene with her. Today Tisdale also posted a snap (which appears to be the director's chair) from the set.

This film is directed by Malcolm Lee and Ashley Tisdale has replaced Anna Faris. According to reports, Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3and Scary Movie 4 cast member) is coming back with Roland ‘Lil Duval’ Powell, the comedian, and Molly Shannon also on board.

Reports suggest that the plot includes three dancers – two upstarts and one veteran performer. The two upstarts battle for the lead in a new production from an imperious, oversexed, aloof and snooty director. An insider suggests that Lohan and Sheen’s characters play the role of world’s hottest new couple. Instead of Craig Bierko, Rex is playing the role of the oversexed director.