Ashley Tisdale terrorized by a Twitter fan

Ashley Tisdale, Sacry Movie 5 actor, is allegedly the newest celebrity to be terrorized by a fan. Unconfirmed reports suggests that the former High School Musical star received around 19000 tweets from one of her fans, and more importantly the fan has even turned up at her house.

A leading entertainment celeb gossip website has reported that Los Angeles Police Department has already started a probe into the matter. It also reported that the person has sent her 18888 tweets with the delusional belief that the fan has a relationship with Tisdale.

The website reported that law enforcement knows the identity of the individual and now they are trying to find out whether this person poses a threat to Ashley Tisdale.

In the meantime, Tisdale revealed why people are obsessed with her. Recently, she posed in a seductive way for the Maxim magazine In her interview with the magazine, she spoke of an off encounter. She told once she posted a snap of her waking up on a social networking site; next day an old gentleman came to her parents' home and told that he was not going to leave till he saw Tisdale and she was like maybe she should not have taken a picture of her in bed.

She also told that like most girls, she also likes dark mysterious bad boys. Tisdale is dating Christopher French and she offers date advice on a regular basis.