A French kiss for Ashley Tisdale

If you have a surname French, then definitely one would like him to be a good kisser; and the same goes with Ashley Tisdale's lover Chris French. And more importantly, Tisdale's musician boyfriend was loving up to his surname by sharing a PDA with his partner in the middle of the street in Hollywood.

On Thursday, the pair were seen kissing each other and they were also relishing a lunch together. Donning his and hers hats, the couple were donning outfits consisting of knitted faded skinny jeans and cardigans. The couple had chowed down at 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood and after that they bumped into one of Tisdale's friends.

The Scary Movie 5 actress Ashley Tisdale went public with Annie Automatic singer just before New Year's eve before they went to the Mammoth Mountains to welcome the new year on ski slopes. There, the couple were joined by many of Tisdale's fiends like Shelley Buckner, Kim Hidalgo and Samantha Raye Droke.

Back from the snow filled peaks it appeared the comfortable winter layers had not been shut away upon their come back to sunny California. Still, the twenty seven year old actress' wardrobe turned rather more grungy of late if we compare it to the pink and proper dresses she generally sport. It is clear that dating a rock musician has changed the style of the former High School Musical actress.