What kind of hardship Ashley Tisdale will suffer as Sharpay Evans in "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" have been previewed. An official trailer for the TV movie has come out, teasing that living in a small apartment is the least of Sharpay's worries when she sets out to make it big on Broadway because she will meet her match in an intimidating Broadway starlet.

Sharpay has graduated from high school and is one step closer to make her Broadway dream a reality. A New York casting director extends an offer to arrange an audition for a new Broadway musical after seeing her performing with her dog, Boi, at a charity gala. With Boi in tow, she quickly packs her bags and heads to the Big Apple to fulfill her destiny.

However, Sharpay quickly learns that making it big in the vibrant city is not as easy as she thought. Her dreams are soon turned upside down when she discovers the Broadway role is really for Boi. Still, she pushes her disappointment aside and sets out to make Boi the most fabulous canine to hit the Great White Way.

A spin-off to Disney Channel's hit original movie series "High School Musical", "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" eyes a Spring 2011 release premiere on DVD and Blu-Ray disc. Ashley returns to fill the shoes of the titular character with the likes of Austin Butler, Lauren Collins and Lucas Grabeel in supporting roles.